Conference Paper: PSA Specialist Group
10 September 2016
Identity, valence issues and constitutional preference: the 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections, Public Opinion and Parties PSA Specialist Group, Annual Conference, Kent. Ailsa Henderson, Chris Carman, Rob Johns and James Mitchell

Event: Scottish Politics Explained
6 September 2016
Do we ever get what we actually vote for?– Scottish Politics Explained, Holyrood Magazine, Edinburgh. Ailsa Henderson

Event: Festival of Politics
20 August 2016
Is Polling Good for Democracy?” Festival of Politics roundtable, Edinburgh. Ailsa Henderson

Seminar: Scotland’s Diasporas in Comparative International Perspective’ seminar series
16 June 2016
Immigrants to Scotland: 1945 to the Present in Glasgow, Mitchell Library, Glasgow. Ailsa Henderson

Seminar: The Constitution Unit
25 May 2016
Things flying apart? Analysing the results of the devolved elections, London. Ailsa Henderson

Talk: What Just Happened?
13 May 2016
Tax, the constitution and past performance: what influenced voters in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections” What Just Happened? The results of the 2016 Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Elections, Edinburgh. Ailsa Henderson and James Mitchell