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Press Coverage


28th June 2022 – “IndyRef2: Date set as Scotland aims for 2nd Independence Referendum”, Derry Journal

17th June 2022 – “SNP ‘has mandate for second independence referendum'”, The Times

24th May 2022 – “SNP follows path Northern Ireland has left”, The Times

21st May 2022 – “The Sturgeon supremacy: a record time in power but no closer to Scottish independence”, The Times

17th May 2022 – “The radical potential of Scotland’s disenchantment with the monarchy”, New Statesman

14th May 2022 – “SNP is a conservative party for quiet voters”, The Times

12th May 2022 – “Can Scottish Labour ever hope to challenge the SNP?”, New Statesman

11th May 2022 – “Five things we learned about how Scotland voted in 2021 from a new report”, The National

11th May 2022 – “London Playbook: Brexit redux – Queen’s Speech kicker – Two meh years”, Politico

11th May 2022 – “Hopes and fears of independence set Holyrood record for tactical voting”, The Times

11th May 2022 – “Just 9% of Scots agree with Sturgeon on IndyRef2 timing”, Reaction

9th May 2022 – “Scotland’s cosmopolitan turn”, New Statesman

20th February 2022 – “Scottish Government pays £9m for spin”, The Times


19th December 2021 – “‘Two-thirds’ approve of Covid messaging but many confused over ‘FACTS'”, STV News via PA

19th December 2021 – “Poll finds approval for Covid messaging but confusion over ‘FACTS'”, The Sunday Post

19th December 2021 – “FACTS? Nobody understood it”, The Scottish Mail on Sunday

19th December 2021 – “Poll shows two-thirds approval of Scottish Government Covid communication”, Planet Radio/Clyde 1

19th December 2021 – “Covid Scotland: Less than 2 per cent of Scots know ‘FACTS’ acronym”, The Herald

19th December 2021 – “Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid messaging better than Boris Johnson’s, Scots say”, The National

26th September – “Starmer doesn’t have a hope of replacing Johnson if he can’t win back once-loyal Scots”, The Scotsman

24th September – “Reforming the selection of leaders is only the start of Sir Keir’s troubles”, The Economist

21st September – “Time for Starmer to take a stand on Scotland”, The Times

17th September – “Can Rashford and Southgate save the union? They’ll have their work cut out”, The Guardian (SES)

23rd August – “Can the Scottish Greens avoid being “Lib-Demmed” by the SNP?”, New Statesman (SES blog)

2nd July – “How Scotland is becoming newly polarised over the Europe question”, New Statesman (Ailsa, Rob, SES blog)

19th June – “Converted unionists more sure about vote in Scottish independence poll”, The Times (Ailsa, SES)

18th June – “Scottish Independence: Expert says ‘entrenched’ No campaign in ‘pole position'”, Press & Journal (Rob)

17th May – “Will the Scottish Greens’ forward march continue”, New Statesman

16th May – “‘This election was a referendum’: the lessons of the Scottish poll”, Le Grand Continent (Chris C.)

13th May – “It’s time to put constitutional sniping to one side to get things done”, Ruth Davidson in Holyrood Magazine (Ailsa)

10th May – “This Covid election was Scottish Politics with the sound off”, The Times (Ailsa)

10th May – “Conservadores ganan terreno de “muro rojo” en comicios locales en Reino Unido”, El Mercurio [Chilean broadsheet] (Fraser)

9th May – “Nicola Sturgeon’s mandate for IndyRef2 ‘weaker’ without overall Holyrood majority, expert claims”, The Scottish Sun (Ailsa, SES data)

8th May – “Voters split over mandate definition for second referendum”, The Herald (SES data)

6th May – “Skotská hra o Holyrood. Národovcům jde ve volbách o většinu a nezávislost”, ČT24 [Czech Television news] (Chris C.)

5th May – “Scottish election: Outright SNP victory ‘nothing short of a nightmare’ for Boris Johnson”, Sky News (Fraser and Jac)

30th April – “Scottish election 2021: Meeting the Scots who don’t vote”, BBC News (Ailsa)

22nd April – “‘You could easily forget it’s happening’: Scotland’s strange election campaign”, Radio France Internationale (Ailsa)

14th April – “Alex Salmond is back, looking for a second shot at Scottish independence”, Globe and Mail (Ailsa)

3rd April – “Écosse: une campagne fantôme pour des législatives décisives”, Radio France Internationale (Ailsa)

27th March – “Why Scottish women are coming round to independence”, The Economist (Ailsa)

26th March – “Alex Salmond’s ‘popularity increasing’ as former Scottish First Minister launches party”, The Express (Rob)

7th March – “Postal voting ‘will not benefit’ any one party in Scotland”, The Scotsman (Chris C.)

3rd March – “Nicola Sturgeon no longer relevant to Scottish independence bid as ‘referendum inevitable'”, The Express (Rob)

28th February – “Anas Sarwar named Scottish Labour leader – but indyref2 is ‘elephant in the room'”, The National (Jac)