Commentary and Press

Past Events

9th June – How Scotland and Wales Voted: SES & WES 2021, Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University (Ailsa, Rob, Fraser, Jac)
Slides from this event available here

20th May – Elections in a time of crisis workshop, University of Surrey (Rob alongside other panellists)

18th May – “National Identities and British Politics”, The UK in a Changing Europe (Ailsa alongside Sunder Katwala, John Denham, Mike Kenny, Paula Surridge)

4th May – “Keep the Heid: The 2021 Holyrood Election Special”, Stevenson Trust for Citizenship (Chris, Rob and Fraser alongside Meryl Kenny and Kez Dugdale)
Recording available here (passcode: Stevenson@5May)

29th April – “Isolation Insight: The Scottish Parliament Election”, The UK in a Changing Europe (Ailsa alongside Paula Surridge, Nicola McEwen, John Curtice, Kenny Farquharson)

28th April – Welsh and Scottish elections student panel, Cardiff University (Jac and Fraser alongside Rachel Statham, Rachel Minto and Nye Davis)

Authored Commentary

10th May – “Scottish elections: What happened, and what comes next?”, The Conversation (Rob)

7th May – “Scottish election: When will key results come in?”, The Conversation (Fraser, Chris C.)

6th May – “Scottish election: how Brexit and independence referendums split voters into four tribes“, The Conversation (Fraser, Ailsa, Jac)

12th April – “A Clan’s A Clan for A’ That? The Identities and Attitudes of Scotland’s Four Tribes”, SES blog (Fraser)

29th March – “Alba Party: Could Alex Salmond get seats in Holyrood?”, The Herald (Ailsa)

19th March – “Neverending stooshie: The Sturgeon and Salmond debacle”, Centre on Constitutional Change (Fraser)

17th March – “Scotland’s Four Tribes: An Interactive Story”, SES blog (Jac)

2nd March – “Long Read: Scotland’s Four Tribes”, SES blog (Fraser and Jac)

TV, Radio and Podcasts

21st May – Brexit and Beyond podcast, The UK in a Changing Europe (Ailsa)

9th May – The Sunday Show, BBC Radio Scotland (Ailsa, segment begins 1h38m47s)

7th and 8th May – Election Scotland 2021 – The Results Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, BBC One Scotland/BBC Scotland (Ailsa)

7th and 8th May – STV News Election Special, STV (Rob)

5th May – “Scotland May Try to Break Away from the United Kingdom – Again”, NPR’s Consider This (Ailsa, segment begins 10m17s)

6th May – “Scotland May Once Again Try To Break Away from the United Kingdom”, NPR Morning Edition (Ailsa, appears 03m30s)

5th May – ITV News at 10 (Ailsa, appears 09m20s)

5th May – Today, BBC Radio 4 (Ailsa, segment begins 2h48m09s)

4th May – “La primera ministra escocesa, pressionada per tirar endavant un segon referèndum d’independència”, TV3 (Televisió de Catalunya) [Catalan TV news] (Chris, appears 01m22s)

30th April – Polling Politics (Ailsa alongside Mark Shephard)

30th April – Podlitical, BBC Scotland (Ailsa, segment begins 0h06m23s)

25th April – The Sunday Show, BBC Radio Scotland (Ailsa, segment begins 1h31m50s)

22nd April – International Report, Radio France Internationale (Ailsa)

22nd April – UofG Spotlight Episode 4, University of Glasgow (Chris C. and Fraser)

18th April – The Sunday Show, BBC Radio Scotland (Ailsa, segment begins 1h30m11s)

7th April – Drivetime with John Beattie, BBC Radio Scotland (Ailsa, segment begins 1h18m34s)

4th April – The Sunday Show, BBC Radio Scotland (Ailsa, segment begins 1h31m53s)

29th March – Scotland Tonight, STV (Rob, appears from 01m18s)

28th March – Sunday Supplement, BBC Radio Wales (Ailsa, segment begins 16m20s)

28th March – The Sunday Show, BBC Radio Scotland (Ailsa, segment begins 1h31m44s)

Press Interviews, Mentions and Quotes

23rd August – “Can the Scottish Greens avoid being “Lib-Demmed” by the SNP?”, New Statesman (SES blog)

2nd July – “How Scotland is becoming newly polarised over the Europe question”, New Statesman (Ailsa, Rob, SES blog)

18th June – “Scottish Independence: Expert says ‘entrenched’ No campaign in ‘pole position'”, Press & Journal (Rob)

17th May – “Will the Scottish Greens’ forward march continue”, New Statesman

16th May – “‘This election was a referendum’: the lessons of the Scottish poll”, Le Grand Continent (Chris C.)

13th May – “It’s time to put constitutional sniping to one side to get things done”, Ruth Davidson in Holyrood Magazine (Ailsa)

10th May – “This Covid election was Scottish Politics with the sound off”, The Times (Ailsa)

10th May – “Conservadores ganan terreno de “muro rojo” en comicios locales en Reino Unido”, El Mercurio [Chilean broadsheet] (Fraser)

9th May – “Nicola Sturgeon’s mandate for IndyRef2 ‘weaker’ without overall Holyrood majority, expert claims”, The Scottish Sun (Ailsa, SES data)

8th May – “Voters split over mandate definition for second referendum”, The Herald (SES data)

6th May – “Skotská hra o Holyrood. Národovcům jde ve volbách o většinu a nezávislost”, ČT24 [Czech Television news] (Chris C.)

5th May – “Scottish election: Outright SNP victory ‘nothing short of a nightmare’ for Boris Johnson”, Sky News (Fraser and Jac)

30th April – “Scottish election 2021: Meeting the Scots who don’t vote”, BBC News (Ailsa)

22nd April – “‘You could easily forget it’s happening’: Scotland’s strange election campaign”, Radio France Internationale (Ailsa)

14th April – “Alex Salmond is back, looking for a second shot at Scottish independence”, Globe and Mail (Ailsa)

3rd April – “Écosse: une campagne fantôme pour des législatives décisives”, Radio France Internationale (Ailsa)

27th March – “Why Scottish women are coming round to independence”, The Economist (Ailsa)

26th March – “Alex Salmond’s ‘popularity increasing’ as former Scottish First Minister launches party”, The Express (Rob)

7th March – “Postal voting ‘will not benefit’ any one party in Scotland”, The Scotsman (Chris C.)

3rd March – “Nicola Sturgeon no longer relevant to Scottish independence bid as ‘referendum inevitable'”, The Express (Rob)

28th February – “Anas Sarwar named Scottish Labour leader – but indyref2 is ‘elephant in the room'”, The National (Jac)