Study InvestigatorsDesign Link
1999 Scottish Election StudyMcCrone, D., Paterson, L., Curtice, J., Seyd, B. & Park, A.One-time cross-section (Post-election)
2003 Scottish Election StudyScottish Centre for Social ResearchOne-time cross-section (Post-election)
2007 Scottish Election StudyJohns, R., Mitchell, J., Denver, D. & Pattie, C.Three cross-sections (Pre-, Post1- and Post2-election)
2011 Scottish Election StudyCarman, C., Mitchell, J. & Johns, R.Two cross-sections (Pre- & Post-election), panel including 2007 respondents
2014 Scottish Referendum StudyHenderson, A., Carman, C., Mitchell, J. & Johns, R.Three cross-sections (Pre- & Post-referendum, 1 year Post-Referendum)
2016 Scottish Election StudyHenderson, A., Johns, R., Carman, C. & Convery, A.Three cross-sections (Pre-, Post-elections + additional post-GE17), panel including 2014 & 2011 respondents
2019 Scottish Election StudyHenderson, A., Johns, R. & Carman, C. Two cross-sections (Pre- & Post-election), panel including 2016 respondents

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