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Events Announcement – Annual Lecture and 25th Anniversary of Devolution

The SES has a packed schedule of events and releases this May as we host our third annual lecture and a week later mark the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Scottish Parliament with participation in events hosted by the Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh.

9th May: Annual Lecture by Professor John Garry

When: 1830-2000, Thursday 9th May 2024
Where: Usha Kasera Lecture Theatre, Old College, University of Edinburgh
Tickets: Eventbrite

On Thursday the 9th of May we will warmly welcome Professor John Garry to Edinburgh to deliver the third SES Annual Lecture, titled “Losers’ Consent and Sovereignty Referendums: Potential Referendums on Irish Unification”. Garry is a Professor of Political Behaviour and Director of The Democracy Unit at Queen’s University Belfast. He also the Principal Investigator of the Northern Ireland Assembly Election Study.

16th May: 25 Years of Devolution with Nicola Sturgeon and Lord Wallace

When: 1830-1930, Thursday 16th May 2024
Where: St Cecilia’s Hall, University of Edinburgh
Tickets: Eventbrite

A week later, the Centre on Constitutional Change, the School of Social and Political Science and Edinburgh Law School host former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP and former Deputy First Minister Lord Wallace for an evening event marking a quarter-century of the Scottish Parliament. These experienced senior policymakers who reached the top of the devolved executive will deliver insights on the past, present and future of devolution.

17th May: 25 Years of Devolution Conference

When: 0830-1300, Friday 17th May 2024
Where: MacLaren Stuart Room, Old College, University of Edinburgh
Tickets: Eventbrite

The following day, SES researchers will participate in the Elections and Voters panel session at the CCC’s follow-up event providing academic and practitioner insights on devolution since 1999. Our findings will draw from an SES report on public attitudes to devolution being prepared for release the same week.